Welcome to Newa Dinning Restaurant

Our restaurant is located in the heart of Tokyo, Shinokubo Newa Dinning is the place to be for the authentic Newari cuisines and feel the vibes of Newari art culture. Be it to be the MO:MO or the Newari khaja Set, Newa Dinning is the best in the Tokyo for sumptuous feasting. Our restaurant is ideal for both Nepalese and Japanese, looking to enjoy both local Nepali and Newari food. Newa Dinning restaurant features various several services such as lodge and bar, birthday gathering parties, dance parties for youngster, etc and many more. There is also HUKKA Bar service for those who want to enjoy from the busiest life of Japan. We are always here to warmly welcome you. The reservation for those mentioned above starts from 5:00 PM everyday. Please visit us to enjoy every steps of your life.

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